What the Water Challenge Revealed

Well gang, the Water Challenge is over and we want to thank everyone who was consistent in his or her participation. We missed the mark by 283 gallons.  I think this is a very revealing piece of data to why people have such trouble looking, feeling and performing the way they should with a good nutrition protocol. Allow me to expound:

First, let’s review the rules:
1.    Every time you finish a gallon of water, color in a square on the chart. That’s it.

We did not ask you to drink a gallon of water per day.  We opened this challenge up to everyone at Unite.  We communicated thru email, Facebook and in person.  So what happened? I will get to that, but first some simple math.

1.    We have 186 members in some capacity (CrossFit, Bootcamp, 1on1, Small Group, Open Gym)
2.    Water is essential to our life.  We need water to survive.  We are made up of 60% water. You can die in 3 days without water.
3.    If everyone participated, each person would have had to drink 5.38 gallons of water for the whole month.
4.    Now, it would not be realistic to think that EVERYONE was going to participate (although everyone should).  So lets go with 50% of you played. No, no lets do 25%.  Surely we should have 47 people who would be willing to be consistent on drinking and documenting their water intake. Nope.  Because if 47 of you would have played our little game and drank an average of .71 gallons of water per day, we would have met the challenge.  So why didn’t we make it? Hang in there….
5.    Let’s look at what we did do.  We documented we drank 717 gallons of water as a group in 1 month.  How does that breakdown?
a.    186 people (100% participation): We drank 12.8oz of water per day! We are all dead.
b.    93 people (50% participation): We drank 25.6oz of water per day! We are not dead but POWs probably get more water per day.
c.    47 people (25% participation): We drank close to a half-gallon per day. This is not optimal, but probably realistic.

So based on the data, I’m going to assume that roughly 35-40 people were consistent and made a real effort to drink and document their water intake. What happened to the rest of you?

Here are some logical conclusions we could come to based upon the evidence:
1.    You think we are idiots and don’t know what we are talking about.  If this were true, I’m not sure you would continue to share your hard earn wages with us every month.
2.    You actually did drink your water and thought filling in a little square was beneath you.  We don’t foster an elitist attitude here and I don’t think any of you would think that way.
3.    You had good intentions but life got in the way, you forgot to mark off a couple days, did not come to the box for a few days and then kind of let it slip away. BINGO!!!

I believe that #3 is the main reason we continue to make wrong choices in our nutrition, our workouts (and hell, even other aspects of our lives).  It’s not a matter of knowledge, ability or affluence.  It’s caring enough about yourself (and ultimately those you affect) to stay on track.  When the wheels do come off, you stop, reset and keep moving forward.  Everyone messes up (even Jamie).  The difference between those who succeed and those who fail is that those who succeed don’t quit.  They persevere.  This perseverance builds character.  And this character builds a confidence that you can handle anything, overcome anything and succeed in anything. This takes practice and effort and humility, but damn it, you are worth it.

This was a very simple challenge that in theory we should have crushed in 2 weeks.  As we introduce nutrition or fitness protocol, we want you to adopt lifestyle changes that will last a lifetime. If you slip, find traction and keep moving forward. If you see someone else falling, help them up.  We ask a lot of you because we care.  We want to build an army of strong, confident, humble warriors that will make a difference in the lives of those around them.  Yes, all that from a silly 30-day water drinking challenge.

That is all,