WOD Monday 11/16/15

1. If you are participating in Row-Vember I challenge you to mix it up this week with some sprint and then recovery rows. Try 250m sprint and then 250 recovery row for 1or 2k.

2. Check your emails, we have a lot stuff going on the next month.  Starting this Friday with the Christmas Tree lightning in our parking lot.  This will probably cancel Friday evening classes. Stay tuned.

A1. Banded Glute- Ham Raises 3x10

A2. Banded Good Mornings 3x20

B. FS 2x5@70%, 1 set Max Reps (10min)

C. 7min AMRAP 2,4,6,8,etc
Deadlifts @55% 1RM HSPU

Rest 5min

D. 7min AMRAP 2,4,6,8,etc
Power Cleans @55% 1RM