WOD Thur 11/19/15

1. Mothers!  We have something very special for you over the Christmas Break.  I think you will love and appreciate us even more than you do right now.  How would you like to have a 2 hour break from your lovely children daily over the Christmas Break?  Check you emails tomorrow. 

2. Warning! Parking on Friday is going to be pretty scarce on Friday after 12pm.  The parking deck on Cabarrus Ave. and street parking will be available. 

3. Do we have a fun WOD for you guys on Thursday! Sign up and come on in!!

4. 1 FREE Month of Bootcamp is being offered to anyone who is interested in coming to Unite. Invite your friends and family and watch them suffer along side you.  Please spread the word.

A. Deck of Cards:

Spades - BB SDLHP (75/45)
Clubs – T2B/L- Raises
Hearts - Front Rack Lunges (75/45)
Diamonds - Plyo Pushups/ Push Ups
Aces - 400m Run

Jokers - 10 BB Manmakers