WOD Friday 11/20/15

1. Remember no evening classes on Friday.  Our last class will be at noon and we will try to have open gym at 4pm.  Parking is going to be very dicey tomorrow. You have been warned.

2. Also remember to let your friends know about our Free Month of Bootcamp for all those who have never been (expires 1/1/16) to Unite and a chance to come back for all Alumni at $100 per month (expires 11/30/15). 

1a) Banded Glute- Ham Raises 3x10

1b) Banded Good Mornings 3x20

B. BS 2x5@75%, 1 set Max Reps (10min)

C. 3 Rounds Max Reps

1min Wall Balls (20/14)
1min KBS 1/3 Body Wt

1min Box Jumps (24/20)

1min SB (30/20)

1min Cal Row

1min Rest