WOD Thur 12/3/15

1. I know there is more people at our Box who want/need to work on Double Unders.  Lets get on this for December.  You know you are tired of doing Single Unders or Jump Squats.  Lets do this!!

2. Unite Kid Camp over Xmas Break is filling up.  $ 60 for 12 hours of freedom and your your kids get the benefit of fitness. 12/21-23 & 12/28-30 at 10:15am.  One week is available as well.

3. Pull Clinic on Saturday at 10am.  Time to get those Pull Ups, Toes to Bar or Muscle Ups down.  Don't miss this opportunity.

4. Gift Certificates available for Christmas.  Give the gift of fitness and watch them encounter their first CrossFit Class.  Win/win,

A. Clean EMOM x6 @55% 1RM
1 Clean Pull
2 Hang Cleans
3 Squat Cleans

B. 15-12-9 (10min)
S2OH @85% 1RM SP

C. 2x400m (work/rest)
2x200m (work/rest)