WOD Friday 12/4/15

1. I know its tuff to make time to get your workouts in this time of year. I promise you if you make yourself a priority you will not lose all the work you have put in all year long.  Stay the course and finish this year strong.

2. I also did not realize how good everyone was at Double Unders.  I'm just going by the lack of participation in Double Under December.  Come on people! We push because we care.

3. Remember we have the Pull Clinic on Saturday at 10am.  There is no charge to attend.

Back Squat (10min)
1x5 @65%
1x5 @75%
1x5+ @85%

30min AMRAP (Don't be SCARED)
40 Slam Balls
30 SB Rise + Shines
20 SB Wall Balls
10 SB Burpees