WOD Wednesday 1/13/16

1. Olympic Lifting Clinic on Sat. 1/23/16 at 10am.  If you want to improve your lifts, this is the place to do it.


Come learn how to improve your gymnastics skills with Pamela Gagnon, 2x Masters Games athlete and Lead Coach for CrossFit Gymnastics. 
In 90min we will cover proper kipping, strict MU drills and handstands/hspu. 

Scaling options for those with nagging shoulder injuries.

*Think this is NOT for you? 
WRONG! This is for the  everyday CrossFitter just trying to get stronger and healthier.

Sunday, Jan 31st
$30 pp
Prepay Only - Sign up in Gym
All levels Welcome! 

A. In 3min complete:
500m Row
Max Reps HSPU
-Rest 1min-
Repeat until you reach 50 HSPU

B. In 3min complete:
200m Run
Max Reps Ring Dips
-Rest 1min-
Repeat until you reach 50 Ring Dips