WOD Tuesday 1/19/16

1. Just a couple of reminders for the week:

A. Olympic Lifting Class at 10am on Saturday 1/23/16 at 10am.  Time to work on that Snatch and Clean & Jerk. 

B. Just in case of bad weather this winter, please keep tab on your emails and Facebook for box hours and class times. Starting to see those snow flakes in the forecast.

C. Josh Marshall and Lisa Merrick will be competing in the War of the WODs this Saturday 1/23/16 in Greensboro.  We would love to have a group to go and support them.

EMOM on :30 for 10min 2 HPC

15min AMRAP

50 Cal Row

40 Deadlift @135/95

30 Hang Cleans @135/95

20 S2OH @135/95