WOD Tues 10/4/16

1. Reminder of this weeks Schedule:
Friday: Normal Schedule
Saturday: No Classes & No Open Gym (Come to Asheville and hang out!!!)

2. Myth #7: Sweating a ton means you worked your ass off.

Truth: Not necessarily. “You sweat because your core temperature increases,” explains exercise physiologist Tracy Hafen, founder of Affirmative Fitness. Yes, your muscles create heat when you exercise so a tough workout will increase your internal temp, she explains, but it also has to do with the temperature you’re working out in. “For example, you’re not going to sweat as much in 40-degree weather as you would in 80-degree weather,” Hafen explains.

The humidity in the air also plays a role. “It’s not sweating that cools you off, it’s the evaporation [of sweat]. You’ll feel like you’re sweating more when it’s humid because sweat can’t evaporate.” (This is also a reason to be careful exercising in hot, humid climates, because your body temperature will keep increasing.)

A. Reverse Tabata (:10Work/:20Rest) 8 Rounds Ea
Power Cleans

Rest 8min

B. Tabata (:20Work/:10Rest) 8 Rounds Ea