WOD Fri 10/7/16

1. Well, it's time..... The day a lot of us have been training for. First off, let me thank the rest of Unite for training with us, filling in when someone needed you to, coming to Asheville to cheer on the teams and supporting all of the members going to compete. For some, it's their 1st competition and they really needed the confidence you provided. REMEMBER THE BOX IS CLOSED ON SATURDAY.

2. Competitors, rest up tonight.  You can send one team member to register and pick swag bags on Friday after 4pm until 8pm. We all plan on going to the Hi-Wire After Party after the competition. From there you will be able find all kinds of "trouble" to get in to. Hi-Wire is couple blocks from the arena and will be able to handle our huge crowd of humanity. GOOD LUCK AT BEER-CITY!!

3. WOD on Friday is Coach's Choice. Each coach will be writing their own individual workouts for the classes they coach.  This should be awesome!!