WOD Wed 11/2/16

1. WE HAVE A WINNER: ERIN RHEW HAS WON THE 2016 UNITE COSTUME CONTEST!!! CONGRATS ERIN!! She won a free month membership and carries the title until next year!!

1. As you probably noticed we have a new door.  One of the things we knocked out with the Masters Tour funds.  Thanks again for your help! This door is a double door.  I know we have beat into your memory the single door concept. So its going to be an adjustment, but we need to start using the "Right Side" door.  If we don't do this, i  see a collision l in the near future.

2. Do you feel lost when we do Olympic Lifting? Are you stuck at a certain weight and can't seem to lift any more? Do you just want to get better at Snatching and Cleaning?

Then come to the Lifting Clinic on Saturday at 10am.  The only way you get better is to practice correctly. We can help.

35 DUs
1 Heavy Snatch