WOD Monday 2/22/16

1. The CrossFit Open is upon us.  It starts this Thursday.  If this is your 1st year in CrossFit and you think we are all crazy, you may be right, but this time next year you be crazy right beside us.

2.  CF Open Viewing on Thursday nights at 8pm starts this Thursday. For the 5 weeks show up and watch the Pros go at it.

3. Then on Fridays at 7pm we will throwdown.  If you signed up for the Open we would like to save your workouts on Friday for Friday Night Throwdown.  We also would those you are not in the Open to come watch, cheer and start your weekend off with us.

A. 8min EMOM
E. 5 Thrusters (135/95)
O. 3 Muscle-Ups

B. 30-20-10
FR Lunges (105/75)