WOD Thursday 2/25/16

1. Last Day to sign up for the CrossFit Open. (games.crossfit.com).  We have over 30 of you already signed up.

2. Join us at the Box Thursday night at 8pm for the releasing of the 1st WOD of the Crossfit Open.  Bring a drink and/or snack and hang out. 

3. Friday Night Throwdown at 7pm. If you are signed up for the Open or this is your normal class time come and compete or support those who are working out.  This will be a awesome night you won't want to miss.

4. Have no idea what all the fuss is about the Open? Come and see for yourself.

CF Open 16.1
Announcement 8pm

A. CF Open Athletes:
8min EMOM
1 SnDL
2 Sn Pull
3 Hang SqSn

B. 2k Recovery Row

A. Class WOD
For Time:
UB KBS (70/50)

B.Mobility Work (15-20m)