WOD Tues 6/14/16

1. When i was in elementary school, i think 6/14 was Flag Day.. Well, if you got them, wave them!!!

2. Great job today, especially on understanding and "grasping" the False Grip on the rings.

3. Bootcamp had a really tuff WOD today with a 1mile run that had a burpee penalty.  We would like to see everyone under a 10min mile and we are going to pick a 5k in the fall for all who want to, to come out and run. Got to have goals!!

A. Deadlift (15min)

B. 1-2-1
1m DB Snatch
1m Burpees
1m T2B
2m DB Snatch
2m Burpees
2m T2B
1m DB Snatch
1m Burpees
1m T2B