WOD Thur 8/18/16

1. We have 2 big events coming up in a matter of weeks.  The Masters Tour on October 1st  at Unite and Beer City Beatdown in Asheville on October 8th.

2. The Masters Tour is an individual competition for athletes 30 yrs old and up.  We need a lot of help pulling this event off.  Sooo, if you are available let Jeff know and we will use your talents to help make this event a success.

3. The Beer City Beatdown has been a Unite favorite for years now and this year is no exception.  This is a 4 person team competition and we are sending at least 8 teams this year.  There are still spots available so if you are interested get with one of the coaches.

A. WOD on Thursday will be the same as last Thursday.  You will have a chance to do a multitude of things.  Just get yor body to the gym and we will take of the rest.