WOD Monday 7/22/16

1. Last Olympic Post! Celebrating our country, the world and the specialist athlete. Check out these impressive numbers from the 2016 Summer Olympic Games:

  • In mile 20 of the marathon the leaders ran a 4:23 mile!
  • A 170lb man Snatched 392lbs.
  • Not to be out done a 150lb. woman Clean&Jerked 319lbs.
  • The male gold medalist of the 400m run ran it in :43 seconds.
  • The winner of the Single Rower (Skull) male rowed 2000m in 6:41 (That is a a 1:40pace for 2000m)
  • The gold medalist in women's cycling pedaled 18.6 miles in 44:26
  • The male shot put dude threw a 16lb. ball 74ft. (Gold medalist)

A. Build to Heaviest Complex in 10min

Squat Clean
Back Squat
4rnds = 1 complete complex

B1. 4x15-20 Banded Pull Aparts
B2. 4x20 Wtd Sit Ups
Rest 2min btw