WOD Tues 8/23/16

1. We are fielding 8 Teams for the Beer City Beatdown in Asheville on October 1st.  If you want to be part of a team there is still time.  Talk to Jeff, Jamie or Trevor.  If you want to go hang out in Downtown Asheville for the day and support the Unite teams, i promise you will have a great time. Mountains, Fall, Beer... Do i need to say more.

2. We will be starting another Flexible Eating Program on Tuesday 9/6/16. If you are interested in starting with us let Jeff know.  Also if you started today i need your weight and waist measurements.

A. 4x5 Deadlift (1-1-5-1)
Bld Every Set/ Rest 2min btw.

B. For Time:
Cal Row