WOD 9/1/16

We were going to introduce the New Cabarrus Creamery Ice Cream Truck.  But is was a little TOO HOT!!!!!

A. We are now Open from 5am - 8pm Monday - Friday!!! We left no excuses for you not getting in to Unite and getting it done.  Come on when you can, we will be here waiting.. 

B. Thursday is also Make Up Day/ Work on a Weakness Day.  If you missed a day or need help with a movement, Thursdays are for you! If you have been all week and have perfect form, we do have you covered with a workout as well.  Remember, No Excuses!!

C. 5 spots left in the next Nutrition start up.  Contact You need this! We all need this! It is possible to get lean, lose weight and enjoy the food you like. Get with Jeff for more details.