WOD Mon 9/19/16

1. Start your week of right by coming to a class or open gym time.  It's probably the most important day mentally for you to get into to the box.

2. We are 2 weeks out from the Masters Tour event at Unite (Sat. 10/1/16). If you can help out let Jeff, Hunter or Jamie know. There is always room for people to help out. We should have a couple hundred people at Unite and we want to be excellent hosts.

3. We are 3 weeks out from Beer City Beatdown in Asheville. Whether you are competing, supporting or just going to hang out the excitement is building and the teams are getting ready.  Keep up the good work!!!

A. Front Squats
4x5 (1-3-3-1)

B. 5 Rounds:
400m Run
25 Squats