WOD Thur 9/22/16

1. It's Thursday again already.  Thursday is your day to come in get some specialized attention.  Whether you are making up a workout, working on your weaknesses or just putting in some time to improve, you need to be at Unite on Thursdays.  Hope to all of you there!

2. Remember Saturday is going to be AWESOME. We will be working thru the movements form BeerCity Beatdown.  This will be great workout for those who are competing and for those who just want burn some unwanted calories from Friday night.  Be here at 9am.

Make-Up Day

Accessory Work
A1. PP 4x5 (5sec -)
A2. Strict PU 4x 5 WTD
Rest 2min btw

B1. Sgl Leg DL 4x12
B2. SB Squat 2 Throw 4x5
Rest 2min btw

C. 4rnds
25 cal Row
20 KB Snatches (40/25)