WOD Tuesday

1. Myth #5: You should give 100 percent effort during every workout.

Truth: Sort of. You should try your best to stay focused, be present, and give 100 percent during every workout. But not every gym session should require a balls-to-the-wall level of intensity. And if you are sore everyday, that may be a sign that you’re going too hard. “It’s not a good idea to exercise at too high of an intensity too frequently—it limits recovery and can lead to overtraining,”. Ideally, to avoid putting too much stress on your body, you should only be going extra hard two to three times per week.

2. If you are competing in BeerCity Beatdown you need to watching this page on Facebook.  The rules for WODs are changing all the time. https://www.facebook.com/BeerCityBeatdown/?fref=ts

A. Back Squat   
4x5 (1-3-1-3)

B. 7min AMRP
20 Rockers
15 DL (115/75)
10 FR Lunges