WOD Wed 9/7/16

1. Over the next couple weeks, we want to address some of the Fitness/ Weight Loss Myths that are out there.  If you have any additional ones you would like us to research, let us know.

Myth #1: Strength training will make you bulk up.

Truth: It’s pretty hard for women to bulk up from a normal strength-training routine because they don’t have as much testosterone as men (the difference in this hormone level makes men more prone to bulking up). In fact, if weight loss is your goal, strength training can actually help you lean out, but you have to keep your nutrition in check, too. Simply maintaining lean muscle mass requires higher energy. So, the more lean muscle you have, the more calories your body will burn at rest.

A. 4x5 OHS
Bld Every Set/ Rest 2min btw

B. For Time:
20 T2B
25 Snatches @45-50%
30 Cal Row