WOD Thurs 9/8/16

1. We are still looking for around 10 volunteers for the Masters Tour Competition on October 1st.  If you can help, we could use you. Judging, set up, registration, scoring, equipment people etc.  This will be a long but fun day. Let Jeff know if you can help.

2. Myth #2: You can focus on losing fat from certain body parts.

Truth: Spot-training is not a thing. “Fat cells are distributed across your entire body,” says Rosante. “If you want to lose fat from a specific spot, you need to lose overall body fat.” High-intensity interval training can work wonders—after an intense workout, your body needs to take in oxygen at a higher rate to help it return to its natural resting state. This process requires the body to work harder, burning more calories in the process. Incorporating strength training can help you hit your goals too, since having more lean muscle will help your body burn more calories at rest. (Psst—here are 10 workouts that are insanely effective for weight loss.)

WOD is Make Up A Workout/ Work on an Weakness/ Do the Alternative WOD on the Board