WOD 10/31/17

— Reminder —
For those of you that have expressed interest in the Spartan Race on April 7th, there is now a team set up under "Unite". There is a TREAT31 discount code abvailable until 11/1 that gives you 31% off. The time block is 1:15-3:00pm. MAKE SURE YOU SIGN UP to secure your spot!


PreClass Work:
Foam Roll - Upper Back, Lats, Claves, Quads, IT Band
Stretch - OH Banded Distraction, Knee-to-Wall, Worlds Greatest

3 Rounds:
12 Hollow Rocks
12 TuckIUps
:12 Hollow Hold
6 Deck Squat Burpees

A) A) 15min Gymnastics Block of Kipping for T2B

B) 7 Rounds:
In 3min Complete:

400m Run
12 T2B

In 3min Complete:

400m/Mini Lap/200m Run
25 ABMAT SitUps
*Scale run to fitness ability

Stretch + Mobility: 
Hip + Ankle
Pec + Front Deltoid