WOD 11/9/17

PreClass Work:
Foam Roll - Calves, Quads, IT Band, Hips
Stretch - Worlds Greatest, Knee-to-Wall, Couch

400m Run/Row

2 Rounds:
10 Banded X-Walks
10 Sgl Leg Deadlifts w/light KB
10 DD PushUps

A1) Front Squat
3x12, BUILD
:30 Rest
A2) Banded Hamstring Curls 3x25
:30 Rest
A3) GHD SitUps 3x12, BUILD
:60 Rest

B) CF OPEN 11.3
5min AMRAP

Squat Clean @165/110
Jerk @165/110
*Squat Clean Thrusters are allowed, bar must return to the floor before each rep

Weight @135/85