WOD 12/8/17

Holiday Party Tonight
Starts @7PM
Wear That Tacky Ugly Sweater!


PreClass Work:
Foam Roll - Calve, Quads, IT Band, Upper Back, Lats
Stretch - Knee-to-Wall, Couch, OH Banded Distraction, Banded Ankle Distraction
10 Banded Skiers
10 Banded Pull Aparts
10 Banded Good Mornings
10 Banded Straight Arm Pulldowns
10 Banded Leg Pulldowns (Hamstring)

Coaches Choice

A1) Front Squat
3x10 @70-75%
:30 Rest
A2) Banded Hamstring Curls 3x25
:30 Rest
A3) GHD SitUps 3x15
:60 Rest

C) 5 RFT:

5 Hang Squat Cleans @50% 1RM FSq
5 Strict PullUps
5 Box Jumps @30/24
5 Strict HSPU’s
**first set should be unbroken, scale as needed
(15min CAP)

G.O.A.T. Work
Lower Body Mobility:
1) Banded Ankle Distraction
2) Banded Hip Distraction

3) Lacrosse Ball Psoas Smash