WOD 9/26/17

PreClass Work:
Foam Roll - Calves, Quads, IT Bans
Stretch - Knee to Wall, Worlds Greatest
WarmUp4, Complex with light DB's

3 Rounds:
1min Row
1min Plank
:30 HSH
:30 Hollow Hold

A1) 3x12 DB Shoulder Press
1min Rest
A2) 3x8 DB Single Arm Supported Row
2min Rest

B) 6 Rounds for Reps:
:30 ME DB Power Clean @2x50/35
:30 Rest
:30 ME Cal Row
:30 Rest
:30 ME PushUps
:30 Rest

DB Power Cleans @70/50
Ring PushUps

Banded Hip Distraction
T-Spine Rollout

G.O.A.T. Work:
For Time:

50 SandBag Burpees @60/30