Lisa Merrick   Head Trainer

Lisa Merrick

Head Trainer

Before Crossfit, I struggled to do a pull up, I was at a point when I was struggling with “life” in general.  I was battling high blood pressure at the age of 36 that was caused by a combination of stress and the poor food choices that I was making.  I used to think walking around the Concord Mills Mall was my exercise for the day.  I’ll never forget my first day at Crossfit and will always be eternally grateful to the person who brought me to my first class.  Day by day, Crossfit has made a difference in my life.  I look back and am constantly in awe at the person that I was then and who I am now.  At the age of 43, I am BY FAR the strongest and happiest (mentally, physically, and spiritually) then I have ever been in my whole life.  The journey hasn’t always been easy, but I have discovered endless life lessons through training and the people that have come in my path because of Crossfit that I have been able to apply to make my life better.

As a coach, I strive to be the light in our members’ days by positively encouraging everyone that no matter what, you can and will achieve anything you put your mind to.  I am a walking testament of it!  I understand just how difficult it is to walk into the gym some days.  One day at a time and you WILL be better than you were the day before.

When I am not coaching or training, I am managing a wide variety of sports events across the country including Crossfit competitions.   Above all of that, I am a proud Mom of a caring and handsome young man named Mason, a Hound Mix named Leon, a Golden Retriever named Bo, and cat named Orion.  

Education- Florida State University,  c/o ’97 Bachelor of Science in Communications

Certifications- ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, Crossfit Level 1

Favorite Movements- Pretty Much Any..even the ones that I’m not super strong at because by working at them tirelessly is what has made me stronger 😊


Erin Rhew  Gymnastics Specialist

Erin Rhew

Gymnastics Specialist

I started Crossfit in 2013 and can’t imagine my life without it! The impact that CrossFit has made on me is that I am now able to do whatever I put my mind to. CrossFit has given me the confidence that I can try anything. I may have to scale many workouts or movements but I am able to complete each one to the best of my ability and there is no better feeling of satisfaction. I fell in love with the fact that each day is a challenge at CrossFit and I can’t wait to see what I can do next. As a PE teacher, I am able to apply a lot of what I learn in the gym to the kids at school. 

Education- Methodist University graduated 1997

Certifications- CrossFit level 1, Gymnastics

Favorite movements-  Pull ups, Handstand Push Ups, T2B, BMU…anything gymnastics & power cleans

Brett Mann   Coach

Brett Mann


I have been doing CrossFit since 2016. It has become a nonnegotiable part of my week. I look forward to coming in every day to push myself in ways I never thought would be possible. I’ve enjoyed building new relationships and meeting new people. As the Grounds Manager for the City of Kannapolis Parks and Recreation department, my job can be physically demanding and Crossfit has certainly made it much easier to handle physically.

Shortly after starting Crossfit it became my goal to become a coach. I enjoy teaching and working with others. I earned my level 1 certification in January 2019. Upon completion I started coaching in February 2019. Coaching has been more rewarding than I could have ever imagined. From watching the PR’s to motivating others to sign up for the open. It is my goal as a coach to help people move better and to be the voice that tells them they can when they feel like they can’t. I want the box to be a positive impact on people’s life and I want to help nurture that relationship. 


Education- Catawba College, 2013 Business Administration with a information systems and business management concentration

Certifications- CrossFit level 1

Favorite movements-  any gymnastics movements, Squat Clean, and Deadlift



Harriett Huss


I have always been involved in sports, as long as I can remember. Swimming, soccer, dance; you name it. I loved being active and surrounded by a community of people that love what they do and have fun. When I graduated high school and went on to college I wasn’t playing sports or even exercising much anymore, living the college life. 

Come junior year, 2011, I needed a change and attended my first CrossFit class with my family. Hooked right away is an understatement! The community I had become so accustomed to growing up playing sports was back under my fingertips. The challenge, fun, dynamic atmosphere and workouts were incredibly rewarding! It got me back into the health and fitness lifestyle I had always known but just let go. Since that first CrossFit class, I’ve been the healthiest me I can be, mentally and physically. 

I now have a CrossFit Level 1 certification and have been coaching for 2 years. Being a CrossFit coach and showing up to work every single day is what got me through my first pregnancy (as I ended up being high risk). As challenging and rough as those 9 months were; I had such a big support system the entire way and am beyond thankful for every single one of them. 

I love being in the gym and helping people be their best. It’s one of the best parts of my day and it is so rewarding to see this community continue to push their limits! 

Education- North Carolina State University 2013; Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management with a concentration in Program Management

Certifications- CrossFit Level 1, Spin Instructor

Favorite Movements- Power snatch, Wall balls, Rowing