CrossFit is:

  • The best program for strength and conditioning. Period.

  • Constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement. CrossFit works in real life.

  • Universally scalable. Age, gender, and fitness level make no difference. CrossFit will make an athlete out of anyone who wants to be an athlete.

  • An unbelievably tight community that breeds friendship for life and promotes the union of health and fitness.

  • A beginners’, intermediate, and advanced course in weightlifting and gymnastic movements.

  • Real fitness for real people.

CrossFit got me into the best shape of my life. I feel better, lost 37 lbs., and have more energy. I actually got muscles i never knew I had!
— Guy Simpson

In CrossFit, the idea is to train your weaknesses and there are believed to be 10 elements of optimal physical fitness.

  1. Cardiovasular

  2. Stamina

  3. Strength

  4. Flexibility

  5. Power

  6. Speed

  7. Coordination

  8. Agility

  9. Balance

  10. Accuracy